Am I being Punished?

It’s been way to long since I’ve posted a blog. Ah well, that’s what happens when you’re running two businesses, father of 3 kids, husband, and concern yourself with little nonsensical things like life. But something as happened and I’ve decided to keep a timeline of what’s going on. The culprit is Twitter. @twitter. I’m calling you out! I lost all followers and I can no longer follow anyone. It sucks as that’s pretty much how started my traffic with So Lets start with the nitty gritty. I’ve opened a trouble ticket with Twitter. It reads:

My handle @oddzuki has lost all followers and I can’t follow anyone. This is troublesome as I really don’t like the fact that it appears that the twitter birds in the sky have decided to fly the coop and leave me seemingly anti-social. Why would I delete all of my followers and not follow them back. I wouldn’t and I’m ruining my rep. despite the fact that my mom says I’m only 29, you don’t have a rep yet. So I would humbly ask that you find it in your tweetableheart to deliver my followers back to me. I am a minormoses in twitterville and my constituents miss their doses of oddzuki. And being that I am secretly an occasional lemming, I want to follow people. It’s my way of getting my fix of being creepy and watching little snippets of everyones life.

**All that was to say that I can’t follow anyone and I don’t want to seem needy by requesting my old followers follow me again. What a chore right? Thanks…

Lets see what the response is. Do you think that’ll get them going. Hopefully that shows I mean business with my twitter bird. He needs to feel loved again.

**Update** So Twitter posts the following update  to their forums:
Update: This issue has been resolved and all accounts that were experiencing this are now restored to normal.  There are still a small number of users who are experiencing an issue that resembles this, but is actually different.  If your follower/following counts are still both showing zero, please leave a comment here.

So, hopeful as I try to be, head on over to my t
witter page and what is it that I see? A big FAT 0. I have every right mind to tell Twitter that I don’t want to let it mess with my self esteem. But No. I have Resolve. I have Strength. I decided to update my ticket (which has not been assigned yet). And I am feeling like Jules from Pulp Fiction. So Please, Allow me to Retort:

But this has not been resolved. The small number of people that this IS affecting, me being one of them is troubling. I have every reason to believe that Zeus, Master Chief, Barry Allen (Know your history), Dr. Fate, & Paul Reubens were about to follow me. Well, atleast I wanted to follow them (save for Paul… ewww) but I still can’t. So I wonder if I’m in the small group of people still affected. Apparently there’s a budding trending topic #helpoddzuki and I’m honored, flattered, and think that this is proof of my Sainthood amongst my circle of peers. You see. It’s SO important to restore my 160 followers to me. Sure Ashton Kutcher has 3,001,322 followers. But do you realize that if you rearrange those numbers, 3-2=1 0+1+2+3=6 & 0 is left over. You got it. 160 baby. And that’s JUST as important as if @aplusk lost his measly 3,001,322 followers. So. Help Godzilla’s son, ‘Zuki out. Thanks guys.

Think that was overboard?


So I get an email this morning from @twitter. Telling me the following:

Based on your request, we think one of these things might help you:

If you want to delete your account, log in and click the “delete my account” link in your settings page. More information about how to do that is here:

If you want to delete a single update from your profile, hover over the update and you’ll see a trash can at the right, near the favorites star; click the trash can to delete the update. (Unfortunately we have no bulk deletion tools, so you’ll have to remove them one at a time.) More information about that is here:

If you think your updates have disappeared without warning, or have been deleted, this is most likely due to database problems Twitter has experienced in the last few weeks:

If you’re trying to use a user name or email address that’s already in use, or attached to a deleted or suspended account:

If you’re seeing “this number/email address/user name is already in use” it may be attached to a deleted account, or you may have accidentally created a duplicate or extra account with your phone, you can complete mobile sign up and delete it:

So It seems they have an iStockphoto version of their responses to trouble tickets…. which is fine, they have like a gerbillion users and I understand that. But atleast do some due diligence. All in all, problem HAS been solved, I have my followers back, I’m following everyone properly again. And I’m MinorMoses again. I would like to think that it was my quick whit, snarky replies, and amazing journalistic talent that prompted twitter to fix my all too important issue. But more than likely, it was a simple sql query that fixed the problem and I’m an egomaniac. And I’m comfortable with that! Thanks to everyone in the #saveoddzuki campaign btw, that was awesome. What what, I’m back baby! Just for that, I’m gonna make it TwitterRain!

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