Loosing Weight Like James Cameron

Another week that’s gone by and jeez I’m sore. With work loads increasing at an exponential rate, I have every usual “excuse” to put off exercise. Time to just put it off to the side and say “Oh, I’ll get to it tomorrow. My schedule is better then”. And tomorrow never comes.

But I’m having too much fun!

Purchasing Wii Active has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in forever. Exercising is fun again. Eating right is feels right again. And tracking weight LOSS is fun (that never stopped being fun, but the “loss” part hasn’t happened in a while). With the increase in activity, decrease in body fat, I see my trend line decreasing finally. And exercising is an actual priority and not something I dread. When I initially started my weight loss 3 years ago, I had gusto for months. I was a wrecking ball of putting fat into a headlock (a visual that I just created for myself that I wish I could “ctl-z” that bad boy) and there was nothing stopping me. I was a bit of a frenzied exercise junkie. And it’s all because of this man:

Tony Horton

Nothing against “Captain What The Hell” up there but once I stopped, I just couldn’t get back into it.

Call me someone that gets bored easily but the repitition of doing the same routines over and over for 90 days, getting into that repitition without having much difference is incredibly tough for me. Plus, if you’re hearts just not in it, you don’t end up with that same drive to actually push yourself. So the random, yet precisely planned exercises that Wii Active provides me with on a daily basis are awesome. They push & encourage me to continue going. Even when stress is a heavy factor into my day. And dear God was stress a factor this week.

Blue Beanie FTWOne groovy thing though about my exercise regiment. I’m now 10 days into my journey, I’ve lost 4lbs, have more energy than I’ve had in a long time, and thanks to WeightBot from the amazing folks at Tapbots, it’s nice to see progress displayed in a really groovy way. Working out using Wii Active gives me the ability to realize just how close to a James Cameron future we really are! Controlling an Avatar with movement… that’s pimp. Next thing you know, I’m going to be searching for unobtainium. That’s original, right? Oh, and my Avatar is wearing a Blue Beanie. So there’s that. Thanks Zeldman for the inspiration!

A Weight Bot Screen Capture below. And oh look over there ——> My WeightBot-O-Matic’s been updated!


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