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Bethany Roley

Fierce Fitness Training (plus more)

Bethany Roley is a busy woman. I’ve known Bethany for several years and when I met her, she was the owner of Bethany’s Bikini Fit Camp. Fast forward several years and not only is she still the owner of the Bikini Fit Camp, she is also the owner of two other businesses. Focusing solely on women through all of these ventures, every business focuses not just on the physical training for women, but encompasses all aspects of helping women achieve their fitness goals. This episode covers the origin story of this school teacher turned multi-business owner. One of the hardest working fitness trainers I have the pleasure of knowing! 

Join Bethany and I, as we discuss Fierce Fitness Training, Bethany’s Bikini Fit Camp and the online training venture, Confidently Fit. All of the Facebook pages for each of these are linked below.

Fierce Fitness Training

Confidently Fit

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*Note: The audio for this episode did not come out as clear as I would have liked. Apologies in advance.

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