Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Narratives, Oh MY!!!!

I watched several terrible things happen this weekend. From a person observing a mini Trump Rally while wearing a BLM mask get accosted by several condescending women…. just for walking down the street, to people demonizing the Black Lives Matter movement for something it’s not. So with that…

Friendly reminder RE: Black Lives Matter.

Black on Black crime is an issue. So is White on White crime. That is not what BLM is focused on. Black Lives Matter was started based on unarmed black people being murdered by the Police. Bringing up Black on Black crime in response to Black Lives Matter is, by definition, the exact same thing as when someone talks about Breast Cancer Awareness, yelling at them saying OTHER CANCER’S KILL TOO!!!! WHY NOT TALK ABOUT THAT?! There are other programs for that. Just like there are other programs addressing Black on Black crime. Activists work on Black on Black crime all the time.

Antifa does not care about your small rural town. They are not coming to invade. They are not coming to loot your Dairy Queen. They don’t care about your home based LuLuLemon or Essential Oils. Also… Antifa isn’t an actual organization.

Is Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization? No.

“But Racism doesn’t exist in the United States”. Do me a damn favor please. Go to your local community facebook page and simply put: “Black lives matter”, grab a beer and wait. Report back and let me know what happens. Better yet, how about you just look at any comment section of any article that references racism and you’ll find numerous people trying to explain away EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE.

I’m tired of using this analogy but I’ll say it AGAIN for the people in the back that may have missed it… What will it have to take for change to happen? Does it happen in small circles and then ripples out to the large population? Would it take me being pelted in the head with rubber bullets, rendering me blind? Will it take me puking the contents of my stomach out due to being tear gassed? Will it take my bones being broken by billy clubs?

Will it take #JusticeForKenny to show up in your newsfeed for you to take note because it’s finally affected you through someone you know?

I don’t want to be a hashtag. I don’t want my kids to be a hashtag. I want a better tomorrow. Hell. I want a better TODAY. But that won’t happen until American citizens acknowledge there’s a problem and DOES something about it… rather than just praising (or in some cases, complain about) brands for removing products from their shelves and pledging to play the black national anthem as a way to do their “good deed”.

I will say it loud. And when someone says “All lives matter” or tries to tell me that I’m being too loud about it… I’ll shout it 50 times louder.


If you’ve made it this far. I also feel this is a warranted statement: Again, Looting is not something that I agree with (Reciept: Do I agree with the tactics of some of the BLM rallies and ends up happening there? No. Am I aware that there are “agents” of chaos working for White Supremacist groups disguising themselves as BLM protestors to give them a bad name? Yes!! (Receipt:…/richmond-riots-instigated-white-supr…/).

Change is coming. It has too. November is SO important. If you’re not freaking out about what’s going on with the USPS, you should be. No matter the side of the isle you’re on (…/democrats-sabotage-usps-friday-night-ma…)

Vote. Please. If you care about everyone. If you actually believe that “all lives matter”… Vote. Because lives… All Lives *LITERALLY* depend on it.

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