Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer- my thoughts

I was never a HUGE Cap (or Marvel) fan. Captain America was one of the stronger installments into Marvel’s Gen 1 stint in their cinematic universe in my opinion. This. Looks. Sick insane. Count me in. Here’s my thoughts on the trailer. (Give it a watch)

Looks like they’re giving Cap and Black Widow a good “buddy cop” relationship, which I dig. It doesn’t seem forced or romantic. Seems like they’ve grown a bond (I mean, who really wants a bond with Hawkeye? I mean.. he IS a second rate Green Arrow and doesn’t have the abs to back it up, now does he?). It’s nice to see Redford bringing a gravitas to it that Sam Jackson used to bring. As much as I love Sam, it seems like he’s now becoming a bit of a parody now unfortunately (I could be wrong) but the glimpse we get of the new suit/armor Cap is wearing is pretty slick as well. They seem to be giving us a Cap that is more than used to his powers, and completely sure of himself. I’m pretty sure that I caught a glimpse of Nick Fury on a operating table about a minute in too. It looks like they are making S.H.I.E.L.D. get a bit too big for their britches and Cap wants to bring it down a notch. Kinda like this:

With the scale of the S.H.I.E.L.D. carrier and the ships, looks like they are trying to go bigger and better but also with the  scope of Caps world in the modern age and then we get more intimate with the elevator fight. Here’s what I’m hoping for: I want a good solid 30 minutes of Cap going on missions, leading a team but them being there just for back up and just showing him “Jack Bauer’ing” for a while (sans the excessive kill numbers). But Cap vs regular soldiers… no brainer. He can clear it out himself. And we need a good time to solidify that.

Then there are the “Winter Soldier” story line that comes into play and Cap gets to bring in Anthony Mackie (as Falcon… which he looks like a boss here) into the fight. Speaking of which, the brief glimpse of the fight choreography looks pretty good and then you get the big “Pentagon Smashing” Carrier Crash plus the shield catch. Verdict? Bring on the Winter Soldier!

What say you?!

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  1. Well, other than the jab at Hawkeye lol (mind you I like Green Arrow in the DC Universe too), I thought your critique seemed well put. The visuals look good and the action seems spot on. I like having Widow, Captain America and Falcon in the same movie. And I too thought Robert Redford was a nice touch.

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