Compulsive Tendencies

Something about me that you should know – actually, you *shouldn’t* know, it’s not life-changing or the ultimate answer to every exam question ever, or even the secret to getting another person to totally fall in love with you “like, Oh My Gorf!” So actually it’s more something that you may like to know, or maybe not but you’re going to find out anyway. So, something about me you may or may not like to know is that I have compulsive tendencies when it comes to… things. I’m not obsessive, I don’t think, but I have this need to watch/read things from the beginning of existence, even if it means using up years and years of time I could have been using to be productive. I don’t even know if this is something I’ve had as a character tic (personality trait? cute quirk?) my whole life, or if it’s fairly recent (I say fairly recent but I’ve been like this for at *least* 8 years). In any case, this trait is why I tend to get ultra-picky about what I watch or read, especially on the Internet. Alright, level with me: is Internet capitalized or no? Wikipedia says yes, but I’m not sure how far I should trust that source. I haven’t found Al Gore’s take on it as yet, mostly because my husband’s copy of An Inconvenient Truth has gone… missing… Anyway, I imagine something like the capitalization of a noun is miniscule enough that Wikipedia would not have inaccurate information about it. So it would be capitalized because it is a proper noun, which means it is a place. This is true OK THAT MAKES SENSE NEVERMIND.

I started off in the original Star Trek series, but after about 5 episodes I started TNG on a whim, and I had so many memories flood back and just had so much fun watching that I haven’t gone back to the original yet. I am definitely going to!  I love all the movies (yes, all) with Captain Kirk and his crew, and I’m excited to see what the show has in store. I also will likely watch Deep Space Nine, Voyager (I also remember this from my childhood – I don’t remember much, but I know I loved Tuvok because of the moment of simultaneous glee and confusion any time I see Tim Russ anywhere else, but not dressed in yellow), and even Enterprise. I also want to read all the Star Trek books; I really need to get started on obtaining a library card…

I also found The Pretender on Netflix and immediately insisted we watch that from beginning as well. It makes a lot more sense if you’re watching it from the beginning, rather than as out-of-order reruns on TNT. Will Miss Parker find Jarod at the chemical plant this time? Oh, no, they’re showing an episode from the last season. Jarod’s back in The Center? Wait, he’s not? Wait… There were so many questions I had as a teenager that were cleared up just by watching the first season in order. Unfortunately, there was apparently only ONE copy of season three in the ENTIRE EXISTENCE of the Netflix universe, and somebody must have covered it with jam or given it to their dog for a chew toy, because it is “unavailable indefinitely”. My favorite show…

As if I don’t have enough things to watch/read compulsively, The Hobbit threw me quite a ways with Smaug. Smaug?! “Wait, who’s Smaug?” D rolled his eyes. “You read the book, Jessy. You know who Smaug is.” FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS MIKE. It seems my brain deleted that information, per the usual, scumbag that it is. But wait, I can’t *just* read The Hobbit again and be done – I also need to reread The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion for the first time (oh geez oh geez oh geez I can’t wait but D said I can’t start with that. GREAT), The Children of Hurin… How many books are there? The Adventures of TOM BOMBADIL?! Screw library card, man. I need to live in a library.

I should make a list of my all-time favorite movies, shows and books. Should I make a list? Would you like that, Internet (ooh, so it’s a person, too!)? I bet you wouldn’t, but I’m going to anyway. Someday. It’ll be an ongoing list, because I am always finding things to love. For example (and the reason I started this post), The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! I’ve been seeing a lot about them, and decided to finally go check it out… Friday? I think it was Friday night. So I finished all the videos (including the Lydia Bennet, Gigi Darcy, and Maria Lu ones) Sunday morning. I could not stop clicking next – well, I had to when my son was up and about because otherwise he’d be watching with me when we could have been playing with trains and Legos – but every free moment I had, I was watching. And of course I also went to the website and read everything and discovered a channel called The Vlogbrothers.

1066 videos. My compulsion to watch everything. This is not going to end well. Well, for me. They’re going to get a jack-ton more views (1066, to be exact) – not that it’ll be noticeable with how many they already have…


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