Focusing on my Health with Accountability

A Brief History Of My Journey

Over the course of my married life, I’ve fought with my weight. Sometimes, I’m Rocky facing Clubber Lang in the (spoilers) second match at the end of Rocky III. Strong, fast, focused and ready for anything. But more often than not, I’m Apollo vs Ivan Drago in the battle vs my weight and boy has it been a struggle. There was a time when I lived in Florida that I had begun P90x. This was around 2007 when I began the 90 day program. Unfortunately I don’t have my weight stats for when I began the first time but I do know that by the end of the program, I had reached 188lbs and was in the best shape of my life. My third child was born and that quickly derailed my exercising. Tash had a terrible time with this pregnancy and she was virtually down for the count for a few weeks afterwards.

Back To The Future

Flash forward to 2016 and I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight back. So much so that I found that I was unable to fit most of my shirts, my pants weren’t fitting any longer either. Seriously, just look at my closet.

cleaning out my closet
I am not getting rid of these. I WILL fit them again

With looking at my closet, and looking at my waist, I realized something had to be done. I had started at 256lbs when I decided that enough was enough and began to refocus on my health. With the encouragement of my family, a few friends and my second Family, #The200, I began using things like MyFitnessPal, increasing my water intake, and exercising again. Diabetes runs in my family and frankly, I do not want to go down that road if I don’t have to. I began with simply counting my calories and biking an hour a night in my garage. This was working great and I, like many, started right out of the gate with that initial drop in weight. Things had been going swimmingly. I even behaved myself for the most part during Thanksgiving (Christmas, while not terrible, wasn’t as successful though).

We’re I’m at now!

This brings me to the present. I’ve hit a bit of a plateau and it gets so frustrating. Granted, a lot of that is my fault due to mindless late night snacking while cleaning.  For anyone that has embarked on any form of weightloss, you know how frustrating it can be. I’m currently at 228lbs, up from 223 pre Christmas and it’s time to refocus. I did a Facebook Live video on 2/9/2017 and, well… see here:

Time for a commitment. Hold me accountable!!

Posted by Kenny Adams on Thursday, February 9, 2017

So apparently #TeamOddzuki is a thing now! It’s time to get on the ball and fight for my health. As I stated above, Diabetes runs in my family. Not only that, but so does high blood pressure. Luckily I’ve kept both at bay but as I get older, I get more susceptible. With that in mind, it’s time for me to fight hard and I have friends with me! I’m considering starting a group on MyFitnessPal along with Facebook. Also, if you would like to join me in fighting for your health, whenever you post, use #TeamOddzuki and we will all get healthier together! So, here is my pledge:


  • Water Intake – 80 – 120oz
  • Calorie Goal – 1860 Tracked with MyFitnessPal (may change with weight changes and meal plan changes)
  • Accountability Check-ins with FB/Twitter/Instagram
  • Daily Weigh-ins to track fluctuations
  • Spontaneous exercises (I hoped out of my van on the side of the road and did 20 pushups today! Boom!).

I may add some weekly routines and/or events but for now, that’s what I got! I’ll also add my MyFitnessPal Counter to the sidebar and below. Anything else? I think that’s about it! Until next time! Here’s to getting Stronger and Healthier!


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