Introduction to… Me?

Hello Internet! You probably know me from Chronicle365. Or not, cuz I don’t talk… But that’s why I’m writing! So you can get to know me! Oh wow I sound way too perky who is this person I should probably just delete this. Or maybe not, cuz then you’re not getting to know me and so you wouldn’t find out that when I’m super nervous I get really chatty and perky and then one day I’ll write a post that’s all “O M G SUPER FUNNNN” and you’ll be like “Oh my gorf who is this person?!” cuz you didn’t know that this meant I was really nervous. Or tired. Or buzzed on sugar (actually sugar gets me down…). Or hanging out with my best friend.

… Wait I still would never write that. I mean seriously how do you even pronounce multiple Ns that’s just crazy you’d sound like you’re stuttering and then someone who still gets their internet from the 90s would be like “t-t-t-today junior! Lol!”

Can you exclaim “lol”? This is something I need to know. Is there a place I can find this out? … I haven’t found anything so specific yet, but The Law of Exclamation is a pretty nifty axiom to adhere to. Still doesn’t answer my question, though. I guess it’s not really that I’m questioning whether you *can* use an exclamation point after “lol” (I just don’t feel right not putting it in quotations. Oh no, am I going to be that annoying person that always uses air quotes?) but whether you should. I mean, yeah – you’re writing someone in some form and you’re like “huh, I should be laughing right now (I won’t even get into that right now), I’ll write “lol” (Stop looking at me!). But wait, that’s not good enough. I’ll add an exclamation point… or ten.” The point you’re trying to get across is that you are laughing like a hyena at… something. But, if you were having this conversation out loud, would you scream laughter into the person’s face? Maybe you would. If it’s funny enough to use exclamation points… But there are so many other ways to get that across: lmao, rofl, foclshanehilam…

And I just realized I went on a tangent about something probably no one else even cares about. Well, there’s a lot more where that came from! …Seriously I suck at first impressions. *headdesk*

I’ll post this anyway – at least my First Post Ever will be done and over with! Then I’ll get to do a Second Post Ever… Oh gorf…

*I totally wrote EVAR at first, and realized it was causing a migraine in the back of my head. So I changed it. And now I’m telling you this I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY*


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