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Earlier, I posted this on Facebook:

The raw footage of the explosion I posted shows police, EMT AND our military working together to move debris in the aftermath. I’m sorry but I just have to say this and be done. If you’re thinking right now “Liberals are going to say…” or “Conservatives are going to say…” You are focusing on the wrong things right now. Politics have nothing to do with the injured, the families and the deceased. The respect for those that are in the thick of this right now should be paramount. There is nothing that WE can do. Nothing we say on Facebook can find those responsible. $1 per “share” of a politically-driven post will not change what happened today.

We’ve lost focus as a country on all sides. Let us look at the marathon runners that ran to give blood without stopping after they crossed the finish line. Think of your fellow man and stop bickering over nonsense. A Facebook like, a share, means nothing. I wish I were in Boston right now. I would love to volunteer. Sorry for the random stream of consciousness… but some of the absolute foul nonsense people are spewing right now that has NOTHING to do with anything related to the bombing as NONE of us know what was behind it yet… is making me so, so sad right now… Okay. Off my podium… but we’ll be talking about this tonight on the show for sure.

I think I want to add more information to this post though. This incident is turning political FAST without any knowledge of what is actually going on. Here’s what we DO know: Lives were lost, people were injured and no one knows who did it. Everyone seems so quick to point fingers and I suppose that’s our nature as humans. We want an explanation and with the advent of social media and an “always up-to-date” society, we want it NOW. So what do we do?

Where do we go from here?

Honestly, it’s too early to tell. We help those injured, we mourn with those who’ve lost, and we lend a shoulder and open an ear for those who are traumatized by today’s incident. We wait until more is known, then let the authorities hunt them down and bring them to justice.

Where DON’T we go from here?

A witch hunt. I’ve seen SO much speculation, overt racism, political vomit and outright hate when no one knows who to blame. I understand that some people’s natures bring them to lash out in anger automatically. I get that. I also understand that there are people that think that sharing pictures on Facebook and asking for a like or a share is going to change something. It’s not. I know we stand in solidarity in the only ways we know how, and perhaps it’s all we CAN do at this point. Just please, don’t sign up for the lynch mob…

So I’ll leave you with this from my FB post:

Think of your fellow man and stop bickering over nonsense.

Be excellent to each other. Let us all Unite.


I will be updating this page with more thoughts as more information is given. Like this:

Update: 7:35 PM

8-year-old among the 2 killed today:

This kinda stuff makes it worse 🙁

Update: 8:28 PM

From CNN:  “At least 17 of the injuries are critical. Doctors are pulling ball bearings out of people, says a source briefed on the case”

Ball bearings sound a lot like a claymore. WTF man? Seriously? GAH people…

From President Barack Obama: “On days like this there are no Republicans or Democrats—we are Americans, united in concern for our fellow citizens.” hear hear…

Update: 12:30 AM

We did an episode of Chronicle365 discussing today’s events.

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  1. “We as a nation will never be free of the evil acts of in-humanity until we collectively are able to have the compassion for the victim way before we have anger for perpetrator.” a quote from my thoughts after the VT shooting in 2007

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