Nissan Cube. welcome to the future

While browsing looking for an oil change this morning, I came across an ad campaign for a new vehicle that I had not heard of. And though I’m not THAT big of a fan of boxy vehicles, this one caught my eye for several reasons. Introducing the Nissan Cube:


Tiny Little thing ain't it?
Tiny Little thing ain't it?

Popped over to Current and checked out a few videos, including a marketing campaign/college project crossover that is pretty clever. 

There was also a video posted showing another campaign Nissan ran displaying a “Pop Cube” in various areas, just to drive up some buzz. If you ask me, there’s a few similarities in design for this. And we know just how well Cube Designs go over in the long run right?


Pop Cubeapple_cube

Yeah, I took it there. Ahem… moving on. The interior shots do show leaps into new design direction that I hope we see more of. But ultimately, here’s what I think. It looks like a pretty good way to promote buzz, and the Scion XB is still seemingly having a good run. But I just can’t see this being a car that stands the test of time. I could be wrong, what do I know. I drive a mini van at the moment. But to be honest… I just wanted to post a still shot from the promotional video that has a picture of Batman in the background… which made me like the Cube just a tad bit more:


Cube = Awesome
Cube = Awesome
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