No more Mr Procrastinator…

Well, this is only going to be short, sweet and to the point.  I’ve been putting off doing a new post for a topic of “Substance”. Well, that’s due in part to me thinking that every post deserves a Digg or a Tweet (or reTweet for that matter *cough*see that button over there? click it and tweet this post*cough*).  Well it doesn’t. I had set out to write on this blog as an honest account of what a Dad goes through on a daily basis who just so happens to run his own Marketing and Design agency.  And well… shoot. That’s just what I’m gonna do!  

Time constraints suck. They really do. Mix working on a major project, trying to finish up 4 other projects that have gone on way too long, along with helping the kids with their homework and trying to juggle all of that with being an attentive husband all at the same time… it makes for a scatterbrained man.  I’ve added so many new friends over the past few days using twitter. And I think it’s a fascinating tool.  I’m not going to focus on making more time for one thing. I’m going to focus my time on everything on my plate! 

With that said, if you think this blog has potential, or you like my writing style, or whatever the case is, Tweet the blog, Digg me up, Facebook it, make a comment on here, or do whatever else you want to. Thanks for the support!!

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