So, this black guy walks into a library…

Stuff like this never happens to me. Okay, never mind, stuff like this has a thing for happening to me. I was invited into an editorial meeting for an upcoming publication to manage the design/implementation for {redacted} magazine’s web presence. The meeting was held at a branch of one of the many library’s in town. It was at 6 pm when the meeting started and things had went incredibly well during the meeting. A lot of great information was shared and it ended up being a 2 hour closed door meeting. Did I mention close door? Now explain something to me. As an employee of a public facility, where there is a high turn over of people in and out of the building you work in, isn’t it normal practice to check every room before closing down? Whether it be to check for people still meeting, if there were teenagers studying, or hey, even to see if the lights were still on.

I guess not.

Trapped In The LibraryThree or four of the eight people in attendance noticed that it became surprisingly quiet in the library outside of our conference room. We opened the door only to find the library completely dark, devoid of patrons, workers, or unlocked doors.  And to add a bit of butterscotch to the top of this WTF sundae, about 3 seconds after checking the doors to see if we were secured in the building, the alarm begins to blare. So let me quickly set the scenario for you:

Eight black young adults dressed in business attire emerge from a conference room of a library after hours setting off the alarm. If a passerby had looked through the double glass doors to see this set up, I would pay money to hear the rapid fire thought process of what would be going on in their heads. I swear it looked like a failed urban Oceans 11 set up. One of my associates gets the idea to contact the main branch and have them contact the branch we were stuck in. While he did this, I called Regent Security (the security firm over the library). By now the alarm has gone off a record 3 times. No police have shown up, we could have robbed this place blind 2 times over by now. Regent tells me they’ll call me back and after convincing the other branch that this wasn’t a crank call, finally the branch director shows up and we’re released. Here are some problems:

First, why did no one check the conference room? It could have been a studier, a group of people having a meeting *ahem*, a child hiding, someone could have been in danger. Second, why did it take so long for the Security Company to decide to dispatch someone? Third, why did an officer never show up, isn’t that what an alarm is for? One way or another, this will be a memory I hold dear to me <sarcasm>like the time I fell off my bike and skinned both knees! Wasn’t that Fun?</sarcasm>

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