Oddzuki’s Weekly TV ReCap! 10/12/2014

I made a post on Facebook earlier today and it started a pretty good discussion soooo I’m going to start a weekly TV Rundown of shows that I watch and shows that I keep hearing about that I need to catch up on. No particular day order… just the ones that come to mind. I encourage suggestions for shows to watch, shows to revisit, or input into what you thought of particular episodes.

Doctor Who:

Series 8 Episode 8 – Mummy On The Orient Express:

I think Peter Capaldi is doing a fantastic job as The Doctor thus far. The episodes keep getting better and better. Nice strong run out the gate. I think, the only thing that did not work for me was Clara and her current irritation with the Doctor. I’ve liked Clara with Capaldi… even moreso than with Smith but this past episode, it almost seemed petty. What DID work however (and has been one of my favorite things about this season) is the lack of the be all, end all Sonic Screwdriver. Don’t get me wrong, I own 3… but it seemingly became a crutch for Matt (and even a little bit for Tennant). Watching the Doctor actually use the power of deduction, wit, and a bit of recklessness is a welcomed return to The Doctor’s of the past. Favorite Moment: “Are you my Mummy?”

That emblem looks SHARP
That emblem looks SHARP

The Flash:

Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot:

Breath of fresh air for DC. DC Universe is always treated as the dark and brooding comicbook universe. The Flash has quickly taken over as my favorite DC Character over the years. Why? Because he’s fun. He’s not always morose. Yes Superman is supposed to be the beacon of hope for the DC universe but honestly, Smallville in it’s 10 year run kinda soured me a bit. Batman will probably regain his title come Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice… but the Flash, even back in the 90’s… was my favorite. I love how he’s down to earth and regularly likes to hang out with the citizens he protects. It’s a type of hero that you don’t oft see in comics. He’s accessible.

Grant Gustin picks up the mantle of Barry Allen, the scarlet speedster. I was impressed with him back during his first appearance on Arrow (We’ll get to you in a bit, emerald archer). For the first time in forever… we have a hero that is HAPPY to get his powers. The pilot episode is INCREDIBLY strong. It hits on all accounts from the acting, pacing, costumes and origin. Even the little cameo from Stephen Amell was a nice touch. This is definitely one to watch. Favorite moment: Breaking up a tornado!


Season 3 Episode 1 – The Calm:

Arrow has returned and I couldn’t be happier. Fresh off the heals of defeating Deathstroke, we find the Arrow and crew adjusting to kicking ass in a big bad way. Now with a full, cohesive team, Olly seems to have found his footing. The minor Vertigo storyline was a bit of a throwaway in my opinion (though it was nice to see Peter Stormare, always a welcome addition), but the real bit was the last minute of the episode. Save for the Olly/Felicity coupling, that last minute was a shocker. But it sets up the characters to more closely resemble the comics… if not in name alone. Favorite Moment: Arrow vs Olly fight.


Season 10 Episode 1 – Black:

The boys are back in town… just not together. It had a decent start though the first episode felt like a mid season ep for some reason. Picking up shortly after we left off in Season 9, here’s the spoilery To Long/Didn’t Read recap: Dean’s a Demon, Sam is angry. Cas is still living on borrowed grace and Crowley rolling his eyes at Karaoke Demon Dean. The side plot about the Angels and their on going war still has it’s remnants but, am I the only one that is wishing that the Winchesters would go back to “Saving People, Hunting Things… the family business”? I mean… what would Pops Winchester think? I SO want a season where Sam and Dean aren’t lying to each other, arguing or going rogue. Just one season of them tag teaming the hell out of some fabled baddies. Come ON CW! Favorite Moment: “Where’s the porn?”

Sons of Anarchy

Season 7 Episode 5 – Some Strange Eruption:

SAMCRO is seriously off the rails in it’s final season. We’re a few episodes in and they are going full throttle (rimshot). This episode follows the aftermath of the attack by the Chinese on the MC. Not to mention the multiple double crosses, the wanton killing of dirty cops and then there’s Juice. Juice… ya broke our hearts and now I have no use for you. I don’t know if Sutter was trying to make him a character to sympathize with but if that was his aim, there was a failure there. Gemma is like Junior Asparagus in the Fib from Outer Space (Veggietales Reference)… she just keeps going and going with her lies. The lies get deeper and more people die. Am I the only one that thinks that SAMCRO was actually better off under Clay’s reign? I still stand by my thought that Gemma is “Anarchy” and the rest are her sons… bad mother BAD! Favorite Moment: “Just gay enough…”

Come FLY with me...
Come FLY with me…


Season 1 Episode 3 – The Balloonman:

Gotham is good. It’s REALLY good. Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue are top notch as Detectives Gordon and Bullock. They have an intensity and “buddy cop” vibe that feels natural. My history with these characters together in Batman: The Animated Series has me looking at these characters in a different light now. If they can find a slightly better groove and roll more into a Crime Noir vibe or even a Hill Street Blues type of seriousness, I think we’d have a winner for many seasons. Also, if they can flesh out the rest of their villains as perfect as they are with Oswald Cobblepot… I really think we’d be watching something special. But what’s not so good? I’m sorry Jada but COME ON! I would have to assume you’re REALLY hungry because you’re chewing every damn scene you’re in. If she would just tone it down… play it straight… get a bit relaxed, you’d be a FAR more interesting character instead of the “I wonder when Penguin will kill her to move up in ranks” stand in we get now. It’s a waste of a cool name like “Fish Mooney”. Favorite Moment: Cobblepot’s interaction with Sal Maroni

Red Band Society

Season 1 Episode 2 – Sole Searching:

My current guilty pleasure. Tash and I are behind a few episodes and we’re catching up via DVR and with her current Medical condition, this show hits a bit closer to home. It’s a shame it’s not pulling in the ratings it needs either because I think it’s something that can grow into something great. The first episode was pretty roughly cut dialogue wise. I think it was a tad rushed to introduce the characters and after consuming the second  episode, you can see it’s better but it’s still not quite… “mature” yet. Here’s hoping it gets a bit more time to express itself. Favorite Moment: “DAAAAAAMN! oh.. sorry… damn”

thewalkingdeadThe Walking Dead

Season 5 Episode 1 – No Sanctuary:

Finally, Sunday night brings back the most popular show on primetime. Let the bloodletting of the humans begin. That’s right… The bloodletting of humans. Sure we see the zombie brutality on the show, but unlike the comics, we have yet to see human on human violence like we have on the magnitude of this episode. The trough was… graphic. Even for this show. Something that made my night was the fact that they brought back Zombie Camo FINALLY. Other good things about tonight’s triumphant return?

The herd. God, the herd. We need more herds of zombies on this show. When the herd makes it into Terminus on fire… Stuff of nightmares! And Beast Mode Rick. You had Terminus’ “Basil Exposition”, Denise Crosby, losing her fight with Carol… I guess she really is the great ancestor of Tasha Yar… she fights just as good. By the way, was I the only one thinking the Zombies were remembering “How much is that doggie in the window” during the Tyrese/Judith scene? Tyrese’s line: “Yeah… that’s how this works” and ultimately the Awwww enducing moment: the DarylCarol Hug was so awesome… Feels like the family’s all back together…

Did you REALLY think I’d let it end THERE!? For those that didn’t automatically switch channels… Seeing THIS guy pop up made me very happy..


So there ya have it. Each week I’ll go over the few shows that I watch, give my opinion , and open it up for discussion below! Shows I’ll be adding to my schedule: How to get away with Murder, House of Cards. Until next time…


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