RetroACTIVE Makes Its Return!

Early last year, AJ Berkshire and I decided to take an idea we spawned based on our love of movies and expand that universe into a full-fledged podcast that revolves around not only movies, but TV, pop culture and random media! Thus RetroACTIVE was set into motion. Then my wife had a baby, and that derailed pretty much everything with those plans – as new babies tend to do. Fast forward almost a year later, several movies and TV show seasons have passed, and we find ourselves at the relaunch of and the resurgence of RetroACTIVE!

You can still check out the first four episodes of the show now, but be on the lookout for the new episodes! We will do our best to get as much content shoveled your way as possible, with heavy heaps of sarcasm and AJ’s hatred for Superman. Wanna get notified when a new episode debuts? Why not head over to our Subscribe page and always get a notice!

What else do we have coming in Phase 2? AJ came up with a great idea that I think freakin’ rocks! We’re going to provide something called “Aftermarket Commentary” to your favorite movies! Audio tracks that you can play while the movie is on with our own dose of commentary for the flicks! We’ll also be providing reviews for movie casting, episodic TV, TV movies and maybe even some B movies that Netflix has. Let’s face it, those movies probably will never get a proper review. We’ll give them their due!

Also, want us to review a retro movie? Leave a comment and we’ll be sure to get it slated!

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