RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal = FINALLY!!!

phoneJust got this in my email from RunKeeper:

A longtime favorite of many of our users, MyFitnessPal provides real-time nutrition and fitness tracking, insights and community support. Sounds like a perfect fit with RunKeeper, right?

Data on your calories, activities, and weight will seamlessly sync when you connect the two apps. So the hard work you’re putting in with RunKeeper will be credited to your net calorie count in MyFitnessPal, without any extra input from you!

Man oh Man this makes me a happy camper. It’s about time! No offense to you MyFitnessPal but I haven’t logged in because I hate redundancy posting (as opposed to redundant sharing). Now, my runs are tracked by MyFitnessPal via RunKeeper and I couldn’t be happier because this will help me track my caloric intake during my daily exercises. What do you guys think? This. Is. Awesome!

Now you tell me… don’t you think these Icons are going to have CRAZY fit Babies?

Runkeeper fitnesspal
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