Scumbag Utopia Moneybags

Sup motherfuckers! One of our own needs a bit of help. I know you guys have hooked my ass up when shit was low and I appreciate it! That being said, Our bud Mike needs some help! Shit’s been tough the last little bit in multiple areas of his life. I’m not going to go into detail and he didn’t ask me to do this. But we take care of our own, right?! Hell yeah we do. I was going to set up a GoFundme but they take too many damn fees so instead, we’re going to do Friends & Family Paypal direct to him! Because fuck a fee. So ladies and gents, here we go: Click the Link:

We could even go a step further and hook up some food for the fam, toys for the kiddos (3 of em… so let’s get our ass’ generous). Who wants to volunteer for a dropoff location? Drop a comment!