“Have an energy problem? I feel bad for ya son…”

I’ve got 99 Problems but a Peach Ain’t One. Time to throw some peaches back in the mix! This morning’s shake is a blend of blueberries, peaches, almond butter with a dash of lemon oil! A simple, direct and absolutely delicious shake to get your morning started. My kids have a winter program happening tonight that will run pretty late. It has been postponed a few times due to inclement weather and they are so excited! With the program ending around the time they normally go to bed, we’re not going to get home until it’s pretty late.

Time To Thrive!

With Thrive, I’ll have the energy and stamina needed to get through and own this day! This week has been a little weird with Monday off for the new year and yesterday off for the snow day. I’ll be glad to get back on a regular schedule. Speaking of which, I’m going to be getting back on a regular schedule of blogging non recipe posts. I have a lot on my mind and plenty to share with everyone. But without further ado!

99 Problems But A Peach Ain't One
This shake named after a song by Jay Z brings back the incorporation of peaches and my first experiment with adding in an essential oil. I must say the results are perfection!
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  1. Le-Vel Thrive Vanilla Lifestyle Mix Packet
  2. 1 Cup Frozen Peaches
  3. 1 Cup Frozen Blueberries
  4. A TBSP Almond Butter
  5. 1 1/2 Cup Coconut Almond Milk
  6. (New Ingredient) 1 Drop Lemon Essential Oil
  7. 1/4 Cup Water
  1. Mix all ingredients into the blender. Hit the "on" button on the Blender. Be sure there's a lid on it or else you'll have a mess crazmo, make sure you add the water too because it will be SUPER thick otherwise. Pour. Enjoy!
  1. This shake will not allow you to marry Beyonce...
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