Storms, Kids and Tar Pebbles – akaLIFE Episode 4

20140216_213844Tonight we talked about stormy weather and the realization that our family sleeps through most natural disasters. From hurricanes to tornadoes, living in the South brought a fair amount of mayhem over the years and we discuss how we handled those situations with multiple kids.

We also talked about the most ridiculous list for “proposed” home improvement. Be sure to check out the nonsense that is #29

And lastly, check out Tash’s latest blog post: Beautiful Me –

And Kenny’s post about his lovely Crazy Canuck! –

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  1. yeah I am dreading the day that I either have to evacuate with 7 animals in our non SUV vehicles…or trying to pack them all in our walk in closet (keep in mine one of my dogs has no control over bodily functions)

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