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The Paper Canoe Company

Anyone that grew up in the 80’s (and some from the 90’s) will remember the fantasy tale that brought us Atreyu, Falkor and of course, the Childlike Empress. And on this episode, we catch up with the Empress herself, Tami Stronach. Upon leaving Hollywood at an early age, Tami moved out of the light of the Hollywood stage but did not leave the world of the Arts behind. And now, as a parent, she is focused on a new venture. Tami and her husband Greg Steinbruner founded The Paper Canoe Company based in Brooklyn New York. The Paper Canoe Company is a boutique family entertainment content producer based in Brooklyn.

Join Tami and I, as we discuss The Paper Canoe Company, leaving Hollywood behind, and the importance of family and the approach to your own ventures.

Official Website: http://www.thepapercanoecompany.com

Purchase Beanstalk Jack Here: https://papercanoecompany.bandcamp.com/

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*Note: The audio for this episode did not come out as clear as I would have liked. Apologies in advance.

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