The People I Like – Show #1 – An In Memoriam chat w/Sandra & Andrea Morgan

This is the first episode of The People I Like Podcast. The synopsis of what this show is can be found simply in the name. This is a storytelling show where I take time to interview people that I’ve met over the years that I like. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and I love hearing them and asking questions and hopefully we’ll all learn a thing or two.

This episode was a bit of a tough one to edit. My Grandmother, Rose W Morgan, recently passed away and while I was back in South Carolina for her viewing, I recorded an impromptu episode with two of my three Aunts, Sandra and Andrea Morgan. I didn’t use my normal equipment being that it was still back home in Oregon so I apologize for the sound quality. BUT…

We go over family history, what it was like growing up with Rose, her legacy and so much more! It’s a fascinating story!

This Podcast has a visual element every episode as well. You can check it out on Youtube here:

Upcoming guests include:
Actress Kristin Booth
Actress Crystal Lowe
Drummer Jesse Sprinkle
Petsitter & Friend Vanessa H.

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