World’s Finest Just Announced At Comic Con

So it was just announced at the San Diego Comicon that Man of Steel II will predate Justice League and will feature none other than Batman as a main character. There are already images of the combined World’s Finest logo floating around the web:

This logo choice seems very Frank Millar-esque. And I’m okay with this. Superman and Zod’s fight in Man of Steel opens up HUGE story aspects for Batman to be a major player. Think about this, we’ve all focused so much time thinking about Lex’s involvement with the Zod’s armor being shed on top of the Lexcorp building that is under construction, all of the vehicles with Lexcorp on them, the building that is destroyed by the Wayne Enterprises satellite…

That we write off the Wayne Enterprises satellite as simply a nod that Batman exists in this universe (or at the very least, Bruce Wayne). But I can’t believe that even I missed this. Two super powered beings flying through the satellite of one of the most paranoid heroes in the Justice League this side of The Question, is going to raise his hackles. And not just a minor eyebrow raise either. This opens up several avenues that I pray Warner Bros. gets the hint from the books.


Batman is the Worlds greatest detective. This would bring him to Metropolis “on business” as Bruce Wayne to spend his evenings investigating.  Call it a philanthropic trip to see what Wayne Enterprises can do to aid Metropolis (which could/will cause friction between him and Luthor as Lex always wants to be looked at as the Savior of Metropolis… causing friction with him and Superman). I can only hope that we’ll see scenes of Batman inspecting area’s of the Luthor buildings, taking him to Smallville, tracking down Superman’s identity. And then, of course, having Superman pull an Xray vision moment to see Bruce (I know it’s been done in the cartoons but it’s still a classic scene).

Batman doesn’t need heavy armor. One thing that we need is an agile Batman. Acrobatic, athletic and built for defense and evasion. While he isn’t brutally strong, I hope we get someone with lightning accuracy. And we need someone slightly older than Cavill. If you’re wanting to go with someone that still looks young but is older, how about Matt Bomer.

I know he’s been suggested before and people site their reasons, but one of the moments that made me think of him as an early choice for Bats was his initial roll in Chuck:

Rewatching this, after all these years solidifies it for me. When he’s interacting with the Intersect, just cover his eyes and part of his nose. That is the Batman’s jawline. Please?

Don’t have them going neck and neck the entire time. Sure there’s a bit of ego there, but Batman isn’t all about measuring capes. He’s there to assess Kal-El’s threat level. If he’s a threat, he’ll take him down. Let this lead to a Justice League movie where the World’s Finest recruit the rest. Put them up against a foe that can exploit a weakness of Clark. And yes WB… you can let Batman rescue Superman. Let a mortal, a human save the alien. Then let him reciprocate to fully gain his trust.

Clark, Uh.. you're kinda heavy...
Clark, Uh.. you’re kinda heavy…

But again, at the end, let him still harbor some mistrust for Superman. Even if you never make it to that point, WB, allude to the Tower of Babel storyline. And one final thing, WB. We don’t need 17 villains in this. Make it one central villain. Give us Lex mixed with a Mech suit built from a rigged Zod armor. Give us Metallo. Hell, give us Parasite. We don’t need Joker, Lex, Bizarro with a hint of Catwoman, Amanda Waller, and Two Face. Just one is enough. We will thank you for it at the box office!

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