DLO After The Show | Episode 2: Shhhhhh It’s Happening!

In this episode, Kenny & Tash review the Backdoor Pilot of Signed Sealed Delivered. This is the quintessential “Origin” story for the Postables. We discuss what made us absolutely fall in love with this show and our take on the characters, plot and more during after a fresh rewatch!

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  1. This was awesome!!! Y’all crack me up. Looking forward to more. Thank you both for doing this!! #POstables

  2. Fun show! Always love anything SSD! Thanks for your podcast! Fun fact: Eric said in an interview that Oliver’s Yoohoo is actually chocolate almond milk!

  3. Just finished watching Episode 2. You are both delightful! I had so much fun with your review of the Pilot, and you had me smiling the entire hour. You picked up on so many of the nuances that make SSD truly unique. Thanks so very much!!!

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