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I Challenge Tony Horton To A P90X Duel

These Weights Won't Lift Themselves
These Weights Won’t Lift Themselves

One of the Podcasts I have planned is weightloss driven. I’ve had great successes and crushing defeats when it comes to my battle with the Adipose infection of my body. At one time, I had trimmed down to a lean(ish) 185 lbs (down from 285 lbs) and was only about 30 more pounds away from achieving my weight goal. Since then, I’ve gained back a bit of that weight (at the time of posting this, I was at 225.8 lbs). I’ve discussed on Chronicle365 about my past experiences with exercise and the methods I’ve used to lose the pounds. One of the biggest contributing factors (other than eating properly… more on that later) was P90X. When I initially took up P90X, I was excited. I wanted everything in me to make it to day 90, not skipping any days and having that accomplishment under my belt.

Tash was pregnant and I realized that I didn’t time it right. I seriously got into a heavy exercising routine. Made sure that I didn’t miss a day. And I loved it. I was pushing myself harder than I had ever pushed myself before. The downside to exercising like this was that there was no chance of my daily routines to be personalized.  Week in and week out, the routines never changed. But I never stopped. Well, that was until Tash gave birth.  78 days in, I found myself in the hospital welcoming my 3rd child to the world and honestly, I never hoped back on the wagon fully. That was over 5 years ago.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my bouts with exercise. Couch 2 5k, Tim Ferris’ meal/exercise plan, even revisiting P90x have all been added to the exercise mix. But nothing really stuck like my first run of the good ole P90X.  Now, we have no more babies on the way, I have no excuse as Tash is no longer working at the school as it’s now Summer time. I want to gear up to run some 5k’s. My buddy (and fellow Chronicle365er) Goat has been KILLING it with how many 5k’s he’s been apart of. It’s time I joined his ranks and made some goals. So…

Tony Horton, you crazy, fit as hell, old man! I challenge the video version of you to a duel. A 90 day duel that is. Starting Monday, May 20, 2013, you and I are going toe to digital toe. You will bark out your instructions with your “killed by fitness” dead eyes and maniacal voice, and I will listen. Not only that, but I will also be working the Couch 2 5k program. This is lunacy, this is madness… and I’m going to do it! And I need you guys to hold my feet to the fire of accountability. I pledge the following:

  • Conduct the P90X program to completion and according to the exercise schedule. (Checking in with Fitocracy and MyFitnessPal).
  • Conduct the Couch to 5k program until completion (checking in using RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal).
  • Blogging once every two weeks with my stats, written down and a “calendar” of completed and missed days.
  • Podcasting my feelings, thoughts, etc during the process once a week.
  • Keeping up with the /r/loseit on Reddit

I need for this to also have some penalties. If I’m having you guys help me with accountability, if I don’t check in like I say I’m going too, or if I miss a week or something, there needs to be drastic measures. So please, if you have any ideas, comment. Post it down in the comments and let me know. If any of you want to embark on this journey with me, that’d be awesome too. The more the merrier. I’ll even go as far as setting up an account with you on here so you can blog along with me. But that’s my Pledge. Monday will bring my weigh in, photos (front and side) and my first Podcast (still haven’t named it).

I hope this Podcast and my journey will help me stay focused but additionally help anyone else that is trying to lose weight have some hope that if a heavy guy like me can do it, they can too!

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