I Will Not Be Deterred.

My name is Kenny Adams, and apparently, according to President Trump, I and 3.5 million other citizens are to be deterred from voting on the sole reason that… we are black. What do I mean? Take a look: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/sep/28/trump-2016-campaign-targeted-35m-black-americans-to-deter-them-from-voting

In the 2016 election, Trump had a spreadsheet. It classified 3.5 million Black Voters as “Deterrent”. The goal, which was successful in some states, was to steer the black voters into staying home.  

Voter Suppression.

That’s what this is. Before you continue reading, if you’re feeling in your bones the need to respond by saying “Oh that’s just clever politicking” or “ALL politicians do this in some form”, get ready because you’re REALLY not going to like the rest of this post.

It’s wrong. It’s, by definition, racist. I don’t understand the support. While I didn’t before, I REALLY don’t now.

“But he’s against abortion!” – Hitler was against Abortion as well. Same with homosexuality. He also did heinous and unspeakable things. By the way, America beat the Nazis and yet they still wanna be Neo Nazis, and Nazi sympathizers are increasingly supporting that man. “But he’s against abortion and homosexuality” is not a valid excuse to support him nor the Judges that he’s appointing that are all for limiting women’s rights and the LGBT Community.

“But he tells it like it is!” – He says racist (Kung-Flu as a single staggering example…and there are many), misogynistic (I moved on her like a bitch, grab her by the pussy, etc. etc. etc.), ablest (mocking the reporter – Yes, it was mocking, stop giving him excuses that are invalid), and so many more terrible things. I do not want ANY of my children to grow up saying the things he says. If that’s what you think “Telling it like it is” means, we have nothing to discuss.

“But he’s a self made billionaire and he knows how to bring wealth back to this country!” – If by self made, you mean was given a “small” loan of 1 million by his father and now being well into 421 Million in debt that will be foreclosed on soon, not paying any taxes for close to 2 decades, only paying $750 to the IRS “successful”, then Jeez… judging by the taxes I’ve paid and the money I’ve made WITHOUT a loan from my father, maybe you should vote for me! Or even someone that works at Subway. They pay more in taxes. And before you say “Well, he just is smart with his money”… uhhhh, having to settle countless lawsuits (Trump university comes to mind. Can I interest you in a trump steak?), in more debt than everyone on your friends list COMBINED, does not equals Financially smart.

But ultimately, what angers me the most is the audacity people have to call him a “good, Godly man”. If he is “Ordained by God” to lead this country, he is doing a piss poor job of it. We are not in a theocracy no matter HOW badly you wish we were. America is supposed to be a melting pot. (Remember learning about that in gradeschool? What does that mean? You take EVERYTHING that goes into the pot and you mix it together.) No. Instead you want to separate and remove certain ingredients. You want to prevent certain spices from being thrown into the pot. You only want one specific flavor to simmer.

“Wait a minute…” you say.  “I will be the FIRST to say “All Lives Matter”… I want EVERYONE to be here LEGALLY…”.

If you support this man, you ignore the plight of people that are struggling to survive. If you support this man, you support police getting off scot-free for murder. You support “militias” whose sole purpose is supremacy and aggression. You support kids in cages (Yes, the “detention” centers were created in the Obama era and I don’t agree with them then as much as I don’t agree with them now. And while it may have been created under Obama’s watch, if your “Ordained by god” president was so godly and good, he would have put an END to it. But no, you champion it). You support a man that has allowed mass sterilization of Hispanic women in detention (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/17/ice-hysterectomy-allegations-us-eugenics-history). That is not Christian. That is not decent. 

Over the next several weeks, expect more of this. Expect the curtain to be pulled back. Reports of his campaign laundering $170 million: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2020/07/28/non-partisan-watchdog-accuses-trump-campaign-of-laundering-170-million/#71c935c61283

His former campaign manager tried to kill himself and was beating his wife: https://www.local10.com/news/local/2020/09/28/brad-parscale-had-made-suicidal-comments-and-had-altercation-with-wife-she-tells-police/

We are a reflection of the company that we keep. Trumps senior advisor Stephen Miller has been a heavy sharer of White Nationalist articles and ideologies. https://www.npr.org/2019/11/26/783047584/leaked-emails-fuel-calls-for-stephen-miller-to-leave-white-house

We have a chance to right this ship. We can make this right. We can bring back common human decency. Another four years will move us backwards as a country. We can’t stand on a platform that marginalizes all but one subset of people in this country. While you may want to “Win” for “Christianity”. Most christian denominations can’t even agree what day to worship, what’s okay, what’s not… how are we supposed to govern based on Theology that you desperately want so much. At what point do we find compassion for your neighbors, friends and family that do things differently (And most importantly, how they live has ZERO effect on how YOU live your life) and give them the same unalienable rights that you want for yourself?

If the shade of my skin really scares him bad enough to cause me to be viewed as someone to deter from voting, then guess what? Nothing’s changed. I’m HELLA Black. I’m Blackity Black Black Black Black. And newsflash! I VOTE! And if that makes me a threat. Look at my profile picture. Yup… STILL BLACK.

Vote. Get him out of office. I will not be deterred. My friends will not be deterred. My kids will not be deterred. Our vote will not be suppressed. Our voices will not be silenced. And OUR. LIVES. MATTER.#BlackLivesMatter #IWillNotBeDeterred

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