Lack of Sleep.. and Exercise

So yeah, it’s been a few days since I’ve last checked in and I apologize for that. It’s tax time and we’ve been busy getting things prepared, managing our client base, and generally working our hardest to meet some deadlines. Lately, I’ve been doing more working late & getting up late, as opposed to going to be early and getting up early. Truth be told, I prefer the early to bed early to rise. But honestly, it just hasn’t happened that way. Unfortunately, with the shift of daylights savings time, increased work load, tax time, and a lack of sleep, I haven’t really put as much focus as I should on exercising.

By the time my normal exercising time comes up (normally around 11:30 a.m.), I’m in the middle of a project that needs dedicated attention, I’m headed (or in) a meeting with a client, or I’m just far too tired to actually express the energy to do so.  I have an alternative time, which is right around 4pm, but the same normally happens.



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So this isn’t really a long post, this is really just a post to say I’m sorry and I’m going to try to do better (hey LOOK, I’m Tiger Woods!). I’ve maintained my weight, so I haven’t completely fallen off the wagon, I’m just dangling off the back of the wagon, Indiana Jones style… And you know what that means right?

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Oh yeah… So I guess that means my excess weight is a bunch of Nazi’s. And I’m Indiana Jones. (And yes, I’m dog tired too… hence the lame… why am I explaining this still. Good night!).

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