Introducing a new show: Totally Unprepared!

Hi (hopefully) future listeners! This is the first episode of Totally Unprepared. This Podcast was birthed when one of my best friends (Jessy) asked if I’d be interested in doing a show with her. I talk a lot. Soooo of COURSE I was interested. So after trying to hammer down a day to record our first show we finally found a day that worked. Only thing is, we didn’t really prepare. But We began recording anyway and this is the first episode! 

Also, here’s a fun fact: Jessy was once a contributor to this blog (and I’m trying to get her to write again because she’s fantastic). You can check out her previous posts here:

A bit of an introductory banter and just finding our footing. Welcome to Totally Unprepared!

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Jessy can be followed on Twitter by following:

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