My pitch to Netflix & The Duffer Brothers for a Stranger Things season 5!

Combined, this was me at 10-15 years old

Season 3 of Stranger Things has just dropped on July 4th and it was a Rollercoaster full of nothing but highs. It starts strong and does not let up! I’m going to do a full review of season 3 because there are a LOT to go through and I’m still processing my binge! That being said, since season 2, I’ve had an idea running through my head and I am officially reaching out to you Netflix & the Duffer Brothers. As a child of the 80s, this show has meant a lot to me (as I’m sure it has to a TON of us). I think every one of us can relate to one of the characters portrayed in the little town of Hawkins. For me, I see a fair bit of Dustin and Lucas in the childhood version of myself. The portrayal by Gatten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin resonate with the plight of kids just wanting to fit in with their friends, have fun, and just enjoy childhood the best a nerd can! But my thought comes from the question: What happens when the kids grow up? 

I’ve been kicking a story around in my head

Setting: Fall 1991. The kids are now 20-22 years old. They left Hawkins to go to college except Mike & Elle. Will, Lucas and Max always return each summer and usually stay through the fall. Gone are the days of D&D and arcades in favor of grunge music and the Super Nintendo. Dustin is the only one that usually stays on campus. He spends his time going to the movies with Suzy and working at the Blockbuster Video near campus. He’s distanced himself, losing contact, as friends tend to grow apart over the years and it’s time to come back home. Mr. Clarke is retiring and it’s a big deal for the boys to honor the man that taught them so much and quite possibly saved their lives. Dustin wouldn’t miss this… And he feels it’s time to reconnect with his friends. Things have been quiet since season 4.

Pre-Credits – Fade from black to an ominous sequence hinting, but not showing whatever the big bad is similar to the cold opening of season 1. Quick cut to an early twenty something Dustin driving into Hawkins. He still has his red, white and blue trucker hat that conceals his curls. As he pulls into downtown Hawkins, we see familiar landmarks. The Public Library is under renovations, Melvalds’ has been closed for years ever since Donald Melvald passed away. The original movie theater is now a $1 theater and Groundhog’s Day, Homeward Bound and Matinee are playing! Dustin rounds the corner and as he passes by the now closed arcade… The ‘Kids’ track begins to play as we begin to experience nostalgia through his eyes. He drives through town. Sees the supermarket, Starcourt Mall, and the renovated “Benny’s” family restaurant. He pulls into the old neighborhood and navigates through the streets covered in fall colored leaves. Pulling up to the corner of Elm & Cherry, he sees a group of young kids riding bikes one street over. A smile curls the corners of his lips as he continues through his old neighborhood. He looks up at the street sign and he has made it to Maple street. He turns on to the road and finally pulls into Lucas’ driveway. Dustin parks his car and rests for a beat. He puffs his cheeks and audibly exhales. It’s time. Close up on the door lock as it pops up.

Cut to Black.

Now of course, this is just the opening  sequence. The music of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein really hit me heavy. Predominantly the Opening Title score and “Kids”. I don’t know if you can come up with music that so heavily pulls at the strings of nostalgia. I am taking the advice of many and I’m putting my ideas out into the world as I’m constantly coming up with ideas. So this is pretty much the first endeavor to spreading my art! At least a part of it! 

And…uhhhh Netflix or the Duffers… If you DO read this and like it, feel free to drop me a comment…. or you know. Don’t. It’s totally fine! From one Nerd to another!

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