Wii Active gets an Upgrade!

Just saw today that the EA SPORTS Active is getting a bit of an upgrade. And that excites me. One of the hardest things for me as of late has been the interruptions of the wire connecting the Wii Remote to the Nunchuck. Especially during the baseball set (particularly the batting). But news today that EA SPORTS Active 2.0* (working title) is coming out is like stepping on a scale and seeing you’ve lost 4 lbs. Here’s why:


  1. WIRELESS: Unlike the original EA SPORTS Active set up (Nunchuck and Wii Remote), you receive a leg strap & wrist monitor.

  2. HEART MONITOR: Not only are they wireless, but it the belts have a built in heart monitor for better tracking intensity and progress.
  3. DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT: Yes Yes Yes Yes. This has to be one of the best features coming. New workouts, Updates, etc. Love the fact that they (hopefully) will keep the content fresh!
  4. Online Community: This will allow sharing of stats, progress, and more to help you stay accountable. The possibilities for this are pretty great in my opinion actually! I wonder if there will be facebook/twitter integration as well (I hope).

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Another new feature is that this is coming to the PS3 as well. Which really excites me as this has to mean (hopefully) graphical enhancements. This is just a minor bit but I can hope right!? Do you use EA SPORTS Active currently? What do you think?
EDIT: After speaking with EA, the Wii Remote will still be required for EA SPORTS Active 2.0, but the nunchuck will not! Thanks @Active_Girl
Official Press Release From EA:



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